Mission Statement.

The Brentwood Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit business organization founded in 1962. The chamber is dedicated to promoting commerce, diversity, securing grants, participating in the development of Brentwood,  North Bay Shore, Edgewood and Baywood business districts, encouraging volunteerism and supporting businesses and residents to build and sustain a better community.

What does your Chamber of Commerce do?

The Brentwood Chamber of Commerce works to sustain a vibrant economy and a superior quality of life in our community.

Growing businesses and building our community has been a longtime passion of the Brentwood Chamber of Commerce, and as always, the Chamber has been able to depend on its numerous volunteers to help implement our plans and define our future.
As the premier business building network in Brentwood, your Brentwood Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to helping you Build Relationships, Build Business, and Build Success. In a constantly changing, competitive business environment, we provide excellent business education, opportunities to connect with potential customers, chances to develop your leadership potential, and avenues for elected officials to hear your voice.

The Brentwood Chamber of Commerce’s goal remains a constant; We are in the business of helping your business grow and serving the community.  At the Brentwood Chamber we are dedicated to keeping you informed and over time, our web site will contain everything you need to keep you connected to the community and your Chamber.
The Brentwood Chamber of Commerce offers unique opportunities for its members through special events, business development, community forum programs, networking functions, leadership programs, dinner meeting, as well as general membership programs.
The Chamber will continue to build its business environment and improving your Quality of Life by keeping an eye on issues relative to your success. Your membership in the BCC will continue to allow us to build a stronger chamber, business and community and we thank you for your support.

What is a Chamber of Commerce?
A Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary base, non-for-profit organization that unites businesses and professional people in an effort to expand the economy of an area. It must be understood that a Chamber of Commerce is PEOPLE. There is a place in the Chamber for members to get involved and accomplish collectively what no one of them could do alone, thereby creating a pool of resources from which to draw ideas, energies and finance. Today, Chambers of Commerce have become community organizations which recognize all the factors that affect their community and adjust their programs accordingly.

What a Chamber is NOT…
A Chamber of Commerce is not a department of the city, county or state governments; a social, service or charitable institution; a private advertising, publicity or public relations agency.